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Monday, September 26, 2022
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MyCoders takes a proactive approach to bringing highly qualified coders and forward-thinking, buyers together. MyCoders' fine-tuned marketing plan, coupled with a strong word-of-mouth response, has yielded rapid growth, resulting in today's busy, powerful exchange medium where both buyers and coders find guaranteed results and satisfaction.
MyCoders' Marketing Approach

From the outset, MyCoders has used recognition and rewards as its primary marketing tool and method for capturing the attention of coders and buyers. MyCoders has grown, not by touting its own successes, but by turning the spotlight on top projects and the creators of those projects. New coders and buyers with new projects are attracted when they read in newspapers, magazines, online newsletters and broadcast e-mails about the successes of others.

MyCoders' marketing includes:

  • Educating potential buyers on the benefits of an online presence
  • Promoting outsourcing and advising companies on the necessity of using global labor
  • Creating a database and regularly contacting potential coders and buyers
  • Actively pursuing media coverage for top coders and buyers
  • Showcasing top talent

MyCoders' Top Attractions

MyCoders is attractive to buyers because here they find easy access to guaranteed results. In addition buyers find:

  • The ultimate talent base, with coders perfectly matched to the jobs they need completed
  • 24/7 access to talent around the world
  • Recognition for their progressive business management and commitment to excellence

MyCoders is attractive to coders because here they find a secure, safe environment for successfully conducting their freelance businesses. In addition, coders find:

  • Numerous new projects posted weekly
  • High caliber buyers with innovative ideas and interesting projects
  • A chance to compete for top ranking and to be recognized for top performance
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