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Thursday, July 09, 2020
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With ongoing contests for coders, MyCoders fosters the kind of healthy competition that drives excellence, stimulates ingenuity, and yields greatness in products and the people who create them.


Why do we rank coders?

At the very core of the our philosophy is the conviction that coders deserve to be ranked, recognized and rewarded for their talent, their production and the superior quality of their work. The quest to identify and certify the top coders in the world-and to hold those coders up and place their accomplishments in the spotlight-is what MyCoders is all about. We believe that, as coders are ranked and acknowledged, the world's most talented will rise to the occasion and will deliver cutting-edge programming and development that is even more precise, more intricate, more technologically advanced, and ever-more deserving of recognition. By highlighting these advancements, focusing on coders that are leading the way, and charting their accomplishments and successes, MyCoders provides a unique service for all concerned: Coders have proven, certified stamps of approval, titles and awards that they can use to distinguish and market themselves. Buyers can instantly see which coders have set themselves apart as the leaders. Industry-wide the impact is felt as current leaders are held up for emulation and coders are challenged and motivated to reach beyond the current horizon to the next level of excellence.

What contests are there for coders?

When projects are completed, coders are evaluated and ranked and the results are tabulated to continually track the leaders, those who rank best overall and also the leading coders in various categories. Every month, coders in each of the various categories are recognized as Graphics Coder of the Month, or Database Coder of the Month, etc. Additionally, one Coder is identified and singled out, and is given the eminent title of Coder of the Month. New coders, who have been with MyCoders for less than a year, compete for the title of Rookie of the Month. As more projects are completed and buyers provide rankings and evaluations, coders' scores are compiled and charted throughout the year, and, at the end of the year, category winners for the year are identified and overall winners are determined and are awarded the enviable titles of Coder of the Year and Rookie of the Year.

How are projects scored?

When a Coder completes a project, the Buyer evaluates the Coder based on various criteria and assigns a rating (between 1 and 10). The Coder's current rating is the average of all the ratings he or she has received.

In addition, for each project, the Coder receives a score calculated by the MyCoders' system formula, which takes into account the rating the Coder got from the Buyer as well as the project size and other factors. The current score for each Coder is the sum of all the scores he or she has received.

Coders are positioned in ranking charts sorted by their scores. Overall ranking is determined by the Coder's current score and position on the chart. Various charts show different rankings. For example, the May 2004 MyCoders' chart, shows rankings based only on scores Coders received during May. However, for the General 2004 MyCoders' chart, all scores Coders received during 2004 are considered.

What do coders have to do to enter the competition?

All a Coder needs to do to enter the competition is to register with MyCoders, then bid on and complete a project. As projects are completed and the rankings given by the buyers, the scores are automatically compiled in our database. Then, MyCoders automatically tabulates these scores to determine the monthly winners and the overall yearly best.


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