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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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FGrant   Rating 10.00
Date joined: 09/03/2006
City/State/Country: V. Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Total won projects: 2
Finished accepted projects: 2
Currently open projects: 0
Canceled projects: 0
Arbitrations: 0
Spoken languages: Spannish :), english
Categories: Access, MySQL, Other, SQL Server, Page Design, Content Writing, Other, Programming, ASP, ASP .NET, C / C++, C#, Delphi, Java, Assembly, Other, Php, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, Flash, Photography, Graphics, Music, Other, Video, Linux, MS Office (Access, Excel, Word, etc.), Windows, Networking Design, Networking Implementation, Project Management, Documentation / Tech Writing, Program Installation, Other, Support, Testing / Quality Assurance
Work History
Brief description
I´m a programmer with about 9 years working free lance, doing very vary kind of jobs. 27 years old and counting. Student of Computer Science. I prefer delphi. Can work in team or alone.  
Examples of previous work
-Online test of 16 different programs (photoshop,Corel,Access,dreamweaver...) -Comertial software. -Industrial software. -Administrative software. -"weird things", I mean those programs that only make one difficult work. -wrote a little book for "introducion to programming"  
Some of my clients
FUCE (now named "CCC&T"), Prometeo libros, some minors shops and industrys....  
Way I like to handle projects
Use to complete things before the estimated time. Usually eager for now challenges.  
Programming languages
Delphi (O. Pascal), C++,C# , ASP, PHP, Some Ada, Some Java. 
MySQL, localSQL, MS's, etc. Can learn anyone in few days. 
Design suites and programs
Know a lot, can´t remember :)  
OO programming, Image processing, DirectX, some OpenGL, Databases in several formats. Math, probabilities.... mmhh... things like that. Some kind of "fame" finding quick solutions :). 
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Total score: 720
Current position: # 14 of 20
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03/2007 Coder of the Month
Rating detail
Project Rating Rated by Comments
illustration of a lion roaring 10 CipherJones very good illustration. 
logo icon re-design 10 Normenclature patient, good communication and delivered exactly what I needed. Excellent illustrator. 
Bonus Received
04/10/2007 Bonus from TopCoders on 04/10/2007 $ 200.00


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