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Monday, September 26, 2022
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MyCoders is fundamentally in the business of granting rewards. We operate from the proven principle that rewards, readily earned for quality performance, literally raise the standard and encourage all to reach a little higher and to bring forth their very best.
Wealth of Rewards

Here, progress and performance are valued and encouraged. Coders and Buyers both are rewarded in countless ways, whether for excelling in one of MyCoders' ongoing competitions or for accomplishing something noteworthy on a single project. Rewards are generous and exciting, and the wide variety of MyCoders prizes and bonuses bring satisfaction and fulfillment to every winner.

Studied Approach to Rewards

Studies show that while some individuals prefer one type of reward, others are motivated by another. In addition, rewards are most effective when they are performance based and when they are routinely and regularly granted to deserving recipients. For this reason, MyCoders provides a range of rewards that include:

  • Certificates for gifts or tickets
  • Financial bonuses
  • Plaques and documentation of achievements
  • Opportunities for insurance coverage and special purchases
  • Added privileges and other incentives

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