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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
  New To MyCoders

Welcome to MyCoders where the best, most exciting and astute buyers get their work done by coders who are perfectly matched for the job, have proven performance records, and are rated accordingly.

The result?

The safest, best place for buyers and coders to do business globally.

  Buyers, get your work done by the top coders in the world.

Coders, find the best freelance work opportunities and the best chance to be recognized and hired.

How it works:

1 A Buyer creates a new work request.
2 Registered Coders see the work request and bid on it.
3 The Buyer receives all the bids, along with information and the current Coder rating for each of the Coders bidding on the job.
4 The Buyer reviews the bids and requests additional information from certain Coders, if necessary. Once the review is complete, the Buyer selects a Coder to do the job.
5 The Buyer deposits the Coder's payment in our escrow system, where it stays on hold until the Buyer receives the completed work and approves it.
6 Once the work is approved, the funds are transferred to the Coder's account, after the MyCoders fees are subtracted.
7 When the project is finished, both the Buyer and Coder rate each other, and their score for this project is added to their cumulative score to determine their overall rankings.

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