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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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MyCoders is the next-generation, state-of-the-art freelance marketplace—and is very different from any of our competitors. Our services extend well beyond traditional services auctions to include many exclusive and extraordinary features designed specifically to attract top talent and large projects, guarantee superior performance, ensure customer satisfaction, and promote freelance activity.

With unparalleled proficiency, MyCoders identifies and spotlights the world's top Projects; designates and tracks Buyers; and promotes and propels Coders and freelance professionals.


Projects are the milestones by which we measure our success. MyCoders carefully evaluates, tracks, documents and publicizes extraordinary freelance projects in many fields and disciplines. Doing so, demonstrates the amazing capacity and talent of freelance workers. These projects prove our coders can produce large, complex projects and that even on-going development can be expertly handled by our coders. This amazing showcase of Projects, is further evidence of MyCoders' commitment to freelance markets, solid reputation, breadth of expertise, history of satisfied buyers, and unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

By showcasing Projects, MyCoders stimulates public interest and garners buyers confidence. This, in turn, attracts more business and more buyers, with even larger and more complex projects.

Buyers are business visionaries, the super entrepreneurs of the new economy. They have discovered and learned to harness the immense power and unlimited resources available in freelance markets. Progressive and resourceful, they use MyCoders to access vast global resources—experts in every discipline and technology, in every culture and country, in every language and currency—to easily complete projects with amazing speed, accuracy and efficiency. Using the tremendous skills and versatility of global talent, Buyers can be masters of any technology and any field; they can run projects around the clock, and can have immediate assistance in any area of expertise.

At MyCoders, we recognize and pay tribute to these forward-thinking leaders. We respect your spirit of adventure and creative genius. We are pleased to highlight your work, to provide the recognition you deserve, and to inspire others with your experience and expertise.

Coders are transcendent architects, the true movers and shakers of the Internet. Your superior work and customer reviews emphatically prove that! The MyCoders' ranking and recognition system is invaluable for coders, helping you establish and distinguish yourself in an ever more complex marketplace. At MyCoders, your talent and expertise is recognized and rewarded as you compete and earn top rankings, are highlighted for your successes and receive immediate rewards and widespread public recognition. We assist by maintaining a detailed record of completed projects and customer reviews—thus, documenting and certifying your successes and, ultimately, creating another impressive tool to build and promote your businesses.

MyCoders exists to help you! We are here to help you find work, and to expedite payments for your services. However, MyCoders doesn't stop there. Our review system is designed to document and certify customer satisfaction; our ranking system functions to highlight superior aptitude and performance; and our recognition and reward system works to maximize public recognition and help you further promote your business. We are pleased to document and highlight your work, to provide you the recognition you deserve, and to endorse your superior skills and technical expertise.


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