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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Become a MyCoders Buyer!





Become a MyCoders Buyer!



Become a MyCoders Buyer!

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Here, at MyCoders, buyers not only get their important projects done quickly and easily by the leading talent in the world, talent that is perfectly matched to the particular job at hand. Throughout the process, built-in safeguards ensure success, guaranteeing that your project is completed right and that it meets your specifications.

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Find the world's best talent

At MyCoders, you draw from a large, pre-qualified pool of global labor, so you will find programmers with the exact skills and experience you need. Global labor means you have access to coders precisely matched to your job requirements and budget, without the limitations of hiring a fulltime programmer. Use a Coder who is near enough to travel to your office, or discover the variety and expertise that comes from using a worldwide labor force. It's totally up to you.

Get projects done fast and easily

Like having an entire workforce at your fingertips, you will be able to complete multiple projects in record time. Your projects become top priority for coders who are striving to meet your specifications and, thus, achieve the highest rating possible. With MyCoders, you have the option of having several projects or pieces of the same Mega Project, worked on simultaneously by different coders. And using a Project Manager to oversee your project and ensure that it is completed on time, can free you up to focus on other areas of your business.

Use with no fees no obligation

It costs nothing to list a project and, even after receiving bids, there is never any obligation to select a Coder for your job. You pay only after you have selected a Coder to work on a project; and, even then, payment is deposited into an escrow account, where it stays until the job is completed to your specifications. There is never any chance of paying for work that is not completed or that doesn't meet the job requirements. Use MyCoders free, with no obligation, and with total assurance that the job will be done right.

Earn top-ranking, rewards and recognition

A MyCoders exclusive is our commitment to acknowledging, recognizing and elevating the status of buyers, by turning the spotlight on those individuals who are setting themselves apart as leaders in outsourcing world class projects. Progressive, forward-thinking buyers, who manage their businesses with acumen and skill, receive public recognition and the opportunity to compete for titles, such as Buyer of the Month and Buyer of the Year.

Enjoy guaranteed results and satisfaction

Working with MyCoders' pre-qualified pool of world-class talent, buyers are guaranteed the best possible results. Built-in safeguards ensure buyers are completely satisfied. Buyers are able to "screen" coders, based on evaluations of other buyers who have contracted with the coders on previous projects. Buyers can also review coders' resumes and work samples and can "interview" several via e-mail. Once the selection is made, no money is transferred to the Coder until the job is completed to the Buyers' satisfaction. Through every stage, buyers can communicate with the Coder and can view their projects' progress online.

Plus... Compete for “Buyer of the Year

Annually MyCoders names the Buyer of the Year, and publicly recognizes this individual as a leader in the new economy, a true mover and shaker who is on the cutting edge of business development. Throughout the year, MyCoders also runs monthly competitions for the title of Buyer of the Month, acknowledging those buyers who have excelled during that particular month.

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